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  1. Below are the latest KFC menu prices in dollars.
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  3. KFC Prices - Fast Food Menu Prices
  4. KFC Menu, KFC Menu with Price List

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Below are the latest KFC menu prices in dollars.

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Close Add to Board. New Board. Healthy Hungry. Close board name. Need to check your prices cause in not the same at the store. And they will not match the price. And the sides was not the same as advertise. Very disappointed. Should have gone to Popeyes for the same price. This is appalling considering most of their patrons are Seniors!!!!!!! Our employees at our KFC need a training class on obedience and communications!

Hungry for more?

They are sl——-ow and not friendly. I tried to balance my checkbook today and was off by. I tried calling the store after I called the bank and it rang and rang, but no one answered. I got in my car and drove to KFC. I found out they charged me for using my bank card.

If I would have known that, I would have used a credit card instead. If someone would have answered the phone, it would have been nice. I am not very happy with KFC and will not go there again. I should have been told about the charge or it should have been on my receipt. The All American meal ……. Fast food chicken priced as if this were a 5 star restaurant. What keeps them in business?

The Auburn Store Manager refuses to accept printed coupons via the internet.

So why even have them to printout? I have never ever seen any coupon from KFC that comes to us in the mail. The last time she was on a vacation in Disneyland her son left his baseball hat. But Charlie, not to worry, because the trip back to Disneyland added up to the penny in her checkbook.

Why do we have to eat the put together menu, instead of choosing for our self.

KFC Prices - Fast Food Menu Prices

Went to KFC today. A bucket of chicken, 3 sides and 6 bisquits. I paid Stay away from buckets of chicken they ARE expensive and you are paying for bones and skin not just good white meat. Next time try either a five dollar fill up for each individual, or get the 6 or 12 piece tenders for 6.

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They have more of the healthier white meat chicken, with NO skin and NO bones. If you must have standard chicken — then get the Family Fill Up Deal. If the order taker seems helpless ask for a supervisor. They want you to leave the store satisfied so you will return.

It has gotten far to expensive! They had no pies ready to sell and so I had to settle for something else. I was willing to wait 5 or 6 minutes, but NOT for Last Wednesday night I bought an order of 8 pieces of chicken and supposedly cost me I wish they had cranberry sauce on the buffet… Otherwise I always stop there on my way back from Roanoke. The place is always very clean and everyone is very friendly day or night shifts. It looks like a fun place to work but not for me personally.

I love KFC way too much, to have to give away all that great chicken to others. But the payment Made was not good it was took a huge time because i had paid by the PAYtm.. She was most apologetic Not very satisfactory from us as regulars all over UK. Time limit is exhausted.

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  • Below are the latest KFC menu prices. Menu Nutrition Secret Menu. Join the Conversation 96 Comments Pingback: We have a KFC 2 blocks away and never go there because of rotten attitudes and service. Chicken livers? Kentucky Fried Chicken, I miss you. KFC, you can shut the doors anytime. I really hope KFC Corporate reads these complaints. Do they care? Probably not… I vote to never go there again…. I like kfc food one time i eat with my friend pls send menu and price list Thank u kfc all workers. I find the prices two high for what you get for it, I will be taking my trade to Churchs.

    Our company eats KFC at least once a month. We love it!

    KFC Menu, KFC Menu with Price List

    I really miss being able to have my chicken tenders dunked in BBQ sauce: I would really apriciate it if you put some Popeyes or bojangles on this please. It depends on the location. Obviously every place is different. All Rights Reserved. Fast Food Menu Prices.