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Luna Free: Offering both MIDI and audio recording and playback, and a surprising number of options, including sophisticated routing, yet boasting a simple and relatively easy-to-use interface, Mutools' Luna Free is a capable and versatile sequencer. But there's far more on offer for those who want to explore further. Each separate Audio or MIDI Sequence part in a track can be routed to a different Rack with different effects or synths, so you could change a track's treatment part-way through a song the only other sequencer I know that offers part-based effect functions is Samplitude.

You can also route multiple audio and MIDI parts to the same Rack, to treat them with the same plug-in chain, or route parts to any active slot in a Rack. So if, for instance, you had an effect chain comprising chorus, EQ and compressor, you could route some parts to pass through all three effects while others were simply compressed, or EQ'd and compressed. You can also insert a send from one Rack to another perhaps to add global effects such as reverb.

Recording is a little unusual, in that you first draw in a part of the required length using the pencil tool, choose between an Audio or MIDI Sequence part and then select a file name using a custom file-selector dialogue that I found difficult to get used to.

Audio editing is also basic: More experienced users can also launch a Modular Plug Area where you can directly edit the connections between plug-ins and synths in your Racks. Overall, Luna Free is the most versatile of the three sequencers under scrutiny here, offering both audio and MIDI support, plus routing possibilities that occasionally rival those of the shareware powerhouse Reaper see review in SOS June It will therefore take a little longer to find your way around.

However, it still provides a rather more straightforward interface than those of many mainstream packages, that is also considerably easier to get to grips with. If you like building up your songs from step-sequenced samples or VST instruments, you may want to investigate a 'Music Tracker' application. Originally developed for the Commodore Amiga platform, there are now quite a few available for the PC see my July PC freeware round-up for more info on Trackers www.

Here are some of the latest and greatest that follow in this tradition:. Many freeware sequencers and even some commercial ones require an external audio application for more detailed editing. This package is currently up to version 1. However, Audacity has recently encountered some competition from Wavosaur www. At just KB, it's also one of the tiniest downloads I've ever come across.

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Many freeware and even commercial sequencers rely on an external audio application to perform really detailed edits. The freeware Wavosaur editor may provide all the features you need to supplement your audio sequencing program. You can work with multiple files open simultaneously and copy and paste between them, and there's also a good selection of basic edit functions. However, like various other aspects of Wavosaur , its VST Rack that accesses these operates in rather an unusual fashion, making it easy to dismiss before you've discovered its true capabilities.

First of all, it doesn't link to a specific VST plug-ins folder: This is flexible, but unnecessarily complicated if you use nested folders for different manufacturers, since you need to navigate to the desired folder. You can chain up to plug-ins, and view them in any combination although the software can't deal with generic plug-ins that don't have any graphic interface of their own , but it's not until you spot the innocuous tick-box on the VST Rack toolbar labelled 'Processing' that you realise it's possible to audition effects in real time as well as apply them off-line.

Most other applications instead provide a bypass button to allow you to switch the effects off.

Download Free Midi for Mac - Best Software & Apps

Similarly, in the Tools menu there's a useful selection of view options, including statistics, normal and 3D spectrum analysis and a sonogram, which all provide static displays for the entire audio file. You might conclude that there are no real-time analysis options, until you discover that the Input and Output 'oscilloscopes' both provide a handy selection of phase-scope, spectrum and scrolling sonogram displays in real time, as well as the more normal waveform option.

In other words, Wavosaur is a far more capable program than it at first appears to be, and after an extended session I was impressed, especially as this is an application that's still in its early days. I have noticed a few people reporting instability problems, but then I've also noticed that some people find Audacity frustrating to use.

The beauty of the fact that they're freeware programs, obviously, is that you can download both and see which suits you best. Setting The Scene It never ceases to amaze me how many talented people find the time to develop and continue to refine the amazing freeware applications available, and are generous enough to release them for all the world to use without charge. Other Free Sequencers To Try Although some sequencers at first appear to be freeware, some turn out to be demo versions of shareware products, either with the save functions disabled, restrictions on song time, or a sub-set of enabled features.

If you're a guitarist, why not check out the freeware TuxGuitar sequencer? It offers a set of features that have been specially tailored for guitar players, as well as a piano-roll editor and a lyric editor. TuxGuitar www.

Comparison of MIDI editors and sequencers

Sequitur www. However, it's still in an early Beta stage and I experienced several crashes while using it, so take care if you try it out. The freeware version of Anvil Studio www. New files can be created and the user can enter his own composition by either recording Midi data from a connected Midi device e. The recorded data can be easily quantified and edited afterwards using MidiEditor. MidiEditor was developed by Markus Schwenk. Should MidiEditor be a software which is helpful for you and which you use often, please let the developer and other users know by providing feedback.

Moreover, the developer worked on MidiEditor in his rare sparetime and offers it for free. So, when you feel like it, pay him a coffee or two. Downloads 28, Version Downloads 7, License Free. Date 18 Dec Price Free. uses cookies.

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