How to save pictures from google on mac


  1. How to Copy and Save Images from the Internet
  2. How to Copy and Save Images from Safari on the Mac
  3. Use a Browser to Copy the Picture
  4. How do I save a picture from the web onto… - Apple Community

Click Download. Choose a folder and click Save. Double-click the installer. This is the file you just downloaded.

How to Copy and Save Images from the Internet

The installer will now download and install the appropriate software. If you see any security warning pop-ups, click Run to approve them. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Depending on your settings, you may have to restart your computer to finish the install. Click the gear icon.

Click Settings. Click Done.

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You can now close or minimize the browser window. Right-click the Google Backup and Sync icon. It looks like a cloud with an arrow. Click Sign in. This opens a window containing a Google sign-in screen.

How to Copy and Save Images from Safari on the Mac

Sign in to your Google account and click Next. Select Back up photos and videos and click Next. Select the folder where you want to store your Google photos. Click the box next to your desired folder to select it. You can select a folder that already contains images such as the Pictures folder , just be aware that any photos that are in that folder will be backed up to Google Photos.

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  • Select an upload size. This pertains to uploading photos to Google Photos, not downloading them. Select High quality to select a great quality at a reduced file size. This option also lets you store unlimited photos and videos without paying for extra storage. This is better for people who need photos to be extremely high-resolution, but it counts against your Google quota.

    How to Save images on Apple Mac

    Click Start. Now Google Backup and Sync will start uploading files from the selected folder s to your Google Drive. This may take a while, depending on how many photos you have to upload. Backup and Sync will always be running on your computer, which ensures that your files are always backed up to your Google Drive. Right-click the Backup and Sync icon. Click Preferences. This creates a copy of the image on your Mac, but instead of using a standalone image file, it automatically moves the file into the library of your Photos app.

    This stretching can cause the image to look blocky, so keep that in mind if you use this option on what turns out to be a tiny source image. From here, you can paste the link into a document or email and any recipient can click on it to load the image from the source link.

    Use a Browser to Copy the Picture

    Instead of saving that image to your Mac and then trying to email it to a friend, you could simply send the friend the link to the image. This saves you the bandwidth of sending it and helps avoid email attachment size limitations. Instead of downloading the image from you, the recipient downloads it directly from the source when they want to. When you save an image to your Mac, you have a copy of that image that will last as long as you want it to.

    The last option copies the image itself, not just a link to it. For example, you can paste the image directly into an email:.

    How do I save a picture from the web onto… - Apple Community

    Other options include pasting the image into a Pages document, PowerPoint presentation, or an image editing application like Photoshop. Failure to do so means the copy of the image will be lost if your clipboard cache is cleared or overwritten.

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    A final note: Now that you know how to save images from Safari to your Mac, remember to do so responsibly. All right? All right.