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  1. How to use macOS with only a keyboard
  3. What to do if your MacBook keyboard is not working
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How to use macOS with only a keyboard

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What to do if your MacBook keyboard is not working

The trackpad on MacBook is one of the best around and it works brilliantly with macOS… When it actually is working, that is. If a failure to register clicks is the problem for the trackpad not working on your Mac, you can disable Force Click. How you do this depends on whether or not your MacBook has a detachable battery.

How to Install Mac OSX from the Internet Recovery - Tutorial

If both the keyboard and trackpad are not working, your MacBook is nothing more than a monitor, albeit a very pretty one. You can use a Bluetooth or wireless mouse or keyboard, but if you wanted to do that you could have just bought an iMac instead. Property List plist files are used to store user preference files related to software.

Whoops! Reconnect Your Bluetooth Keyboard And Mac After Logging Out [OS X Tips]

Deleting them will reset your keyboard and trackpad back to factory settings. Before you go ahead and do this, you should backup your Mac using the Time Machine in case anything goes wrong.

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If problems with the keyboard and trackpad have recently appeared you can restore your Mac to a previous date using the Time Machine. The issue could be due to a recent system change and a restore can repair it.

This method will require you to have Time Machine set up to backup data to a storage device. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. CleanMyMac X.