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So, for me, there was little to lose. Alright, now that the easy part is done, let's go to the steps for installation and playback. NewOrlnsDukie is offline.

Remove Advertisements. Creating a patchstick for your aTV Now, this hack has been around for a long time.

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There are all kinds of guides out there, along with software some free, some not. Now, because this has been around for a long time, there are some idiosyncracies involved, depending on what atv OS it is, which version of atv you have, etc. I've tried the free version as well as the atv flash pay setup, and I find the free version just as easy and obviously gratis. There's a for-pay upgrade you can apply as well, but all the hacking you need is in the free version.

I've found that this is easier than the option below. I had used this in the past, but recently tried it again and it didn't go smoothly. Hence my personal preference of a. Follow the instructions therein, and remember that USB flash drives sometimes just don't end up getting recognized. So, if one fails, try another. Alright, once you follow the instructions for the patchstick creation, your appleTV is hacked and ready for some more fun. Next, you should download an application called Cyberduck, which will allow you to transfer files from your mac to your appleTV.

This will come in handy in the future. Step 2: Alright, now that you've done the above, might as well get your hands dusty and break into that aTV. Follow his instructions, and just accept that you're gonna end up clipping that wi-fi wire no it doesn't just come out.

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This should be about 30 minutes from beginning to end. Step 3: Getting your atv ready to use that card Alright, now that the card is in, it's time to get your appleTV ready to use it. This requires a little computer-y words and stuff. First, you install the drivers and other stuff in your atv There's a guy over at the XBMC forums that has 2 different ways to do this. BTW, the password to your atv is 'frontrow' without the quotes. This will make everything install 2 Alternatively, he set up something new today that allows the same package to be downloaded directly from the internet from the 'Downloads' section of your hacked atv gui.

You can see it in the first post here. This should be the easiest way to do it.

Crystal HD support in Krypton? - Apple TV - OSMC Forums

Step 4: First, go to the first post here , and follow his instructions incuding getting Launcher 3. Installation and use on pre Intel Mini's There are fewer steps here, but the disassembly of your Mini is about 10 times more annoying than it was on the atv. So, steps involved: Installing your card Obviously, for folks that have installed memory on their Mini's this will be easy.

Because it's pretty much the same procedure. I think the easiest guide is the memory replacement guide here. I'd actually recommend getting the tools that ifixit recommends. You're done! Crystal HD won't do anything for other formats. It's not too important to me as lower res stuff is fine on that media. It's really hard to find any official news about Flash support from anyone especially Adobe; it really feels like they're sweeping this one under the carpet. I haven't figured out how to do this on osx anyone know? It could also just be an XBMC bug.

I haven't used it enough yet to make a firm determination, but I do know that I was wondering if you would report your experience with flash,crystalHD, in osx on your netbook. I have a dell mini 10v with crystalHD, same kexts, same media player. I have excellant playback of videos, but flash In win7, the crystalHD works flawlwssly with flash I've googled to find a discussion on this topic, to no avail. So any info would be appreciated. Thanks, johnm.

Broadcom Crystal HD Samsung N110 Test

I use an ati video card, and I think that's why I can't get osx to sleep. I have a clean dsdt and legacy usb disabled. Any thoughts on that, thanks again, johnm. Thank you for your time and insight. It's just a hobby, nothing critical. I'd have macbook for sure if I could afford one. Take care, johnm. I also tried using a demo of SwitchResX , which is the only only way I've found so far to totally switch off the primary monitor while keeping the secondary active. Newest xbmc 10 working better for me. I've tried posting on their forum, but the brains and power seem too busy to help a noob.

But it seems that you don't need both library. And the 3. The r http: To reference this read davilla post 5 http: The forum does have others asking for the newer kexts, since the newer XBMC ver. Thanks for the heads up, John. I'll check all this out later today. I think we're on similar missions: I tried to join the xbmc forums but for some reason my email address is rejected as a spam source, which I'm most certainly not Here's another davilla post saying 3. Post 7 http: Now I'm more confused. I guess I'll try to install xcode and compile r even though I don't know how at all.

Building the code will likely also require you install SVN to sync the code repositories before you can build to the latest version. Plus if I'm not mistaken, I read that the new build is only temporary and reverts on a reboot.

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I'm sure or better will appear at some point; it's likely davilla wants to make sure things are stable before offering a binary. When you have xbmc open go to video, then video add ons, choose get more, and you tube is at the end. After install I restarted system to get it working. To access just open xbmc go to video, then add ons, then youtube. It's alot of navigation just for youtube, but, it's also the only way to get HD video.

In looking at the osmc git, I see one patch pertaining to CrystalHD. I downloaded this patch and tried to run it against the current Kodi source from git and this is what I got:. Anyway, my question is this: Is it possible to provide some temporary solution like replacing kodi. I remember that in Crystalbuntu days it was working this way. If it will be possible to quick replace only kodi. No such file or directory. Ok, I copied also libjasper.

Well, I did it and playback from p BluRay seems ok. Crystal HD support in Krypton?