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  1. Best Skype video recorder on Windows
  2. Evaer Skype recorder offers Picture-in-picture, Side-by-side and more
  3. Evaer for Mac: download free alternatives
  4. Download Evaer Skype video call recorder
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Best Skype video recorder on Windows

Enter with: Related alternatives. Call Recorder for Mac Call recorders are very helpful if you need to keep records of your conversations Thus, you can choose whichever you want at discretion. Remarkably, it also empowers you to preview videos during recording process. This Skype call video recorder, PrettyMay Call Recorder, can provide you with an attentive solution for your Skype communication, which makes it easy to record Skype calls as well as conferences. What's more, PrettyMay Call Recorder can auto-answer your Skype calls as well during the time you are away from computer.

Meanwhile, it's accessible for you to play captured voicemails, calls and audio files in Skype conversations in the way you like. All Rights Reserved. Record any onscreen desktop videos and audios without glitches Work well as video recorder and audio capture separately Support a wide range of formats and devices Come with both basic and advanced recording options. No way to edit output recordings. Have ability to record Skype calls and podcasts With handy feature to auto-reply Skype chat Capture audio and video calls simultaneously.

Evaer Skype recorder offers Picture-in-picture, Side-by-side and more

With limited output formats Not suitable to record long Skype conversations. Totally free to use Have right to choose audio record preference Permit you to customize Skype messages for auto-playing others. Lack option to record Skype call videos. Record all kinds of Skype calls Support various recording modes Preview video during recording process. No notification to tell you whether it is being recorded. Don't allow record edit Send text and voice messages furtively. Generally speaking, Evaer Skype Recorder can record all kinds of Skype calls with different recording modes supported.

Evaer for Mac: download free alternatives

You can also get to know that most of call recorders have the ability to send automatic messages in your busy time. However, if you feel like to strip needless parts and cut your recording, you should not miss Joyoshare Screen Recorder. Create new account. Call Recorder for Skype 2. Record Skype audio and video calls.

Download Evaer Skype video call recorder

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Control file size and quality. Widescreen HD video format.

State-of-the-art H. Convert your calls to MP3 format. Uncompressed option for highest quality.

Installation instructions

Add time-indexed notes to recordings. Try before you buy.


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